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Imperial Oil's 'Kearl' project in the Alberta Tar Sands has been delayed due to a water permit being revoked by the fisheries department.

Apparently the operation's projected annual C02 emissions being the equivalent of the annual emissions of 800,000 cars won't have a significant impact on the environment. This is what Imperial's environmental report said when they applied for the license. Hence it being taken away.

But let me see if I've got this straight: the Alberta government is basically saying to these companies, "You can mine for something that's going to aid in the destruction of the world as we know it just so long as you don't cause any damage along the way." What part of that makes sense, exactly?

But that's okay. What's important is that, according to this article, development might be delayed a year or more. Considering Kearl isn't supposed to start production til 2011/2012, this is somewhat encouraging news. A lot can happen in 4-5 years. Laws can change. People can change. Who knows, if it gets delayed enough, maybe it could be stopped altogether.

Hey, I can dream. :\
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School Energy Project

Hello all!
Hopefully it’s okay if I ask this.
Basically, a friend of mine and myself have begun working on an energy project in our school to try and reduce both energy costs and usage, as well as trying to encourage a ‘greener’ atmosphere amongst students and teachers. We’ve gotten all our business data and graphs and whatnot, spoken with almost every adult in the school who is able to get properly involved, and now we’re thinking about suggestions to reduce energy usage to forward onto the administration (most of who are working with us already anyway), and there is a possibility that the school’s Green Policy will be revived (right now it’s somewhere in a box in the basement, heh).
We’re covering lights, heat and water, which are the basic energy wasters.

I was wondering: do any of you have ideas as to how a large facility such as a school (about 1,200 students and an additional 2000 staff) could go about reducing its energy usage? We’re not quite sure yet how to go about making some suggestions, so I’m asking around all over the place for opinions/ideas to get the ball rolling. Please don’t be shy if you have a suggestion – it can always turn into a larger idea or inspire otheres. I guess I’m asking for some inspiration, perhaps some of you have done similar projects before. If so I’d love to hear some :)

Thanks in advance!
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Awesome, no?

Congressional Climate Change

Nancy Pelosi's added a Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming to Congress! Which basically means there'll be a select group of representatives/senators that'll expertise in enegy & global warming and advise other legislators how to vote and what to vote for.

Live 8 Earth!
Al Gore teamed up with Kevin Wall, producer of Live 8, to create the 24 hour global concert to spread awareness of global warming. Caaaaaan't wait
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Saul Occupation10

Freeping The Weather Channel

Dr. Heidi Cullen gets a swift boating hit job, complete with a fanatical freeping of the One Degree blog, by an apparently well-orchestrated onslaught from the minions of Inhofe's 'Pet Weisel', Marc Morano", Fox News, and it would not be complete without the rigorous scientific review of the Limbaugh Cover Story & it's Ditto Heads.

For the record, what The Weather Channel's Dr. Heidi Cullen, Ph.D. in Oceanography/Climate from Lamont-Doherty , has actually written is not what has been repeatedly claimed she has said by many in the Right Wing press, blogosphere, and .gov websites with Inhofe's fingerprints all over them. Collapse )

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Rebates R' US.

For a limited time only Lowes is giving a rebate up to $7.98 for buying some compact fluorescent bulbs.

"Purchase a 4 Pack of Sylvania Mini Twist Lightbulbs (item 146558) at a Lowe's
Home Improvement Warehouse between 12/7/06 and 12/21/06.
Requests must be postmarked by 1/21/07."

Lowes CFL Mail-In Rebate form

I would've posted it sooner, but I just learned about it.
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Not to be missed

You Canadians in the group already know it, but for the benefit of the Yanks in the crowd the CBC has a better investigative journalism outfit on TV than anything (outside of PBS's Frontline) in the US: the fifth estate.

Their latest story directly involves this group. They expose those scientists who cast doubt on the global warming debate through obfuscation and denial. See "The Denial Machine" online, or catch it on cable later.

Not to be missed.

Would You Eat Lab-Grown Meat?

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I have no problem with lab-grown meat. My boyfriend is not so much disgusted by the idea as he is creeped out by it. "You've seen science-fiction movies, and always the thing that's growing will get out of the vat and kill everyone inside!" "But it's just muscle-tissue. There's no skeletal system or central nervous system." "Maybe so, but I don't want to die at the hands of some strange meat monster!"

Source: AlterNet

*Where's the beef?*
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